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Ontology Design Patterns in Ontology Learning
Authors Eva Blomqvist, Aldo Gangemi
Part Part II: Lexical and Logical Learning
Topics Ontology Design Patterns, Ontology Refinement, Ontology Matching
Projects NeOn, OntoCase
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The chapter "Ontology Design Patterns in Ontology Learning" will be written by Eva Blomqvist, Aldo Gangemi.


Ontology Learning (OL) from text, and other resources, sometimes suffer from problems related to knowledge being implicitly expressed, that knowledge is too specific for a general model, and that the structure of the model is not clear from the resource used. Many types of background knowledge can be used to remedy problems of implicit or missing knowledge, however applying an appropriate modeling style is a harder problem. Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs) are encodings of general best practices in ontology design. There are many kinds of patterns that can contribute to OL systems in different ways. In this chapter we first present the kinds of ODPs that exist and the kinds of problems they address, we then discuss how ODPs could potentially contribute to OL. Finally we take some examples of research approaches where ODPs have been used for improving OL results.

Topics / Key Words

Ontology Design Patterns, Ontology Refinement, Ontology Matching

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